Brand Introduction :
Beebipeace meaning ‘Baby Love Peace’ which is designed Hong Kong designer Siy Tak Yin. No matter you are a child or adult, you must have a childlike innocence with dreams and love peaceful. And the Chinese name represents ‘the most love one’ which hopes to spread positive energy through tumbler to encourage eveyone.
The two actors “QQ Tumbler” call ‘Rose’ and ‘QQ Boy’. They have a pair of Bling Bling eyes to encourage everyone don’t give up and like tumbler never falling down. They have lots of friends with positive energy to encourage each other.
QQ Tumbler has a group of friends calls ‘QQ friends’. They enjoy to bring happiness to everyone. They love to play with QQ tumbler. Sometimes, they face difficulties and they will help each other to tackle the problems. They will not give-up easily and always encourage each others.
PengPeng Fok yung Yen chingching Princess
Yuen Yuen Print BauBau PingPing
We are welcome for any kind of co-operations : Licensing, Beebipeace products distribution, branding design and consultancy, illustrations.


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